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 Prins Harry en Meghan Markle overladen met kritiek door déze oproep
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Prins Harry en Meghan Markle overladen met kritiek door déze oproep

Prins Harry en Meghan Markle willen wereldverbeteraars zijn. Maar volgens critici slagen ze daar niet helemaal in.

Sterker nog: de hertog en hertogin worden hypocriet genoemd na een recente oproep op hun Instagram-pagina. Waarom? Je hoort het in bovenstaande video.


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As a continuation of our monthly social awareness approach to shine a light on the accounts that are working towards positive change, for the month of July we turn our attention to the environment. There is a ticking clock to protect our planet – with climate change, the deterioration of our natural resources, endangerment of sacred wildlife, the impact of plastics and microplastics, and fossil fuel emissions, we are jeopardizing this beautiful place we call home – for ourselves and for future generations. Let’s save it. Let’s do our part. Quote from The Duke of Sussex: “Environmental damage has been treated as a necessary by-product of economic growth. So deeply ingrained is this thinking that it has been considered part of the natural order that humankind’s development comes at the expense of our planet. Only now are we starting to notice and understand the damage that we’ve been causing. With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.” *********************************************************** Please visit the accounts we are following this month for more details on how you can make great change and help save our planet. We can only do this together, and every little bit helps. 🌏 All photos included are from the above accounts

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